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Mayor 2019: 2019 Denver Mayoral Candidate Marcus Giavanni Profile 2015

 January 7, 2018 | Marcus GiavanniHancock For Denver 2019Kayvan Mayor 2019


Published January 7, 2018 3:44 Pm by Marcus Giavanni | GP7A News | United States Mayoral News | 2018 Mayoral Race | Michael Hancock | Mayor Michael Hancock | Frontrunners | Marcus Giavanni | Nonpartisan City and County of Denver | Kayvan Khalatbari

Mayor 2019: Denver will be voting for a Mayor 2019. Voters Are happy to vote for a new Mayor 2019. The new Mayor 2019 will not be liked by anyone but the Voters. That’s Nonpartisan. When in 2019 Denver will the Denver Mayoral Elections Take Place, 2019 Denver Mayoral Elections are held on Tuesday, May 7, 201 Denver.

The 2019 Mayoral Candidate is Marcus Giavanni, Kayvan Khalatbari, and Incumbent Mayor Michael Hancock. Denver Voters are looking at the 2019 Mayoral Candidate as the new Leader for nonpartisan governance. The 2019 Mayoral Candidate Front Runner is Marcus Giavanni.

Did you know where Marcus Giavanni Official Campaign website, or Marcus Giavanni Official Campaign headquarters. Marcus Giavanni Official Campaign Front runner is Marcus Giavanni. Going against Mayor Michael Hancock, Michael Hancock seeks 3rd term.

Who is Mayor 2019 "Marcus Giavanni, Rodney Dangerfield of Denver Politics. No one said it was going to be easy, nobody ever promised me, life was kind. I come to battle, I come to win “.” Colorado. By the Power of the Citizens of the city and county of Denver, Colorado. And Marcus Giavanni Loves Denver.”

Denver Mayor Michael Hancock: GP7A Prediction 2018. Trending news Mayor Michael Hancock will lose to “2019 Mayoral Candidate Marcus Giavanni| on Tuesday, May 7, 2019. Denver Mayor 2019 Michael Hancock Won’t Beat Marcus Giavanni Who Marcus Giavanni will Be Denver Mayor When Mayoral Debates.


Mayor 2019: 2019 Mayoral Candidate Marcus Giavanni for Denver Mayor in 2019.

January 10, 2018 | Mayor of Denver 2019

Published January 10, 2018 4:45 Pm by Marcus Giavanni | GP7A News | MAN-G | Mayoral News | Mayor 2019 | Who Will Be Mayor | Mayoral Front runner | Nonpartisan MAN-G | Incumbent Michael Hancock | Kayvan Khalatbari 5th Place City council Candidate 2015"."

I Love my Job. I'm old. I have nothing to lose, and if I safe one father, one more on child,

one family form the perils Denver family courts. It was worth it!


"GP7A News: Warns about 2019 Mayor Michael Hancock is seeking a third term. GP7A News, breaking news 2018 Denver Mayoral Election News for the 2019 Denver Mayoral Elections, to be held on Tuesday, May 7, 2019 in the city and county of Denver, Co. Denver voters are opening their eyes to the reality of being Denver being a nonpartisan government Est 1913"."

Denver Mayor 2019, Who Will Be Mayor, Marcus Giavanni will be Mayor of Denver 2019. If Denver really wants to star off on a new conversation. started in 1913. 

Denver Mayor 2019: "GP7A News, "Who will be Mayor", how will, the Will of Voters, does will the Denver Mayor ship on a nonpartisan candidate fighting for years to be heard. MAN-G represents all those who have be victims of their government, and their employees.  2019 MAN-G, who will Be Denver Mayor 2019 MAN-G ... will be Mayor of Denver 2019. 

"MAN-G, was the first official candidate to throw in his hat for Mayor of Denver in 2019. Here is a small list of "Candidates for Mayor of Denver". Incumbent Mayor seeking a 3rd term is Mayor "Michael Hancock". Mayor Michael Hancock for Denver 2019 No way, Wrong-choice"."  

Denver Voters want a new Mayor. Denver Voters want a Mayor that will represent the city and county of Denver, Colorado as a nonpartisan Government Leadership; it is by law. Supposed to be governed; by a law established in 1913. By Honorable Robert W. Speer. 

Some Voters think that Man-G is the medium for Honorable Mayor Robert W. Speer. And with their help of Concerned Voters from all political spectrum. #TapTheVote - Marcus Giavanni

Fox news shit stirrers are already matching up Oprah and Trump. Trumps kicking ass, why would you Fox want to do this. Again, you already know.

"Kayvan Khalatbari: Who is that licking, Kayvan Khalatbari disrespecting our United States Flag. Some Military men and women are pissed off. At Kayvan Khalatbari"." and flipping off Trump's Office, and again our Flag in the window. Kayvan Khalatbari, hey did you paint that on the building? And family members who died, so you can't act the Fool you really are. That's Iranian-American Candidate for Mayor of the City and County of Denver. - Marcus Giavanni

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GP7A News: "A book for the World For the 2st Century". THis book was published 1998. Fbi Scandel was 1992. A true story about an innocent citizen, Mark Nelson, who was arrested by the FBI and accused of a heinous crime. Two days after his arrest one of the two actual criminals confessed to the crime and exonerated Nelson of any wrongdoing. The FBI, after already informing superiors that Nelson was guilty, (when they knew he was not, and they wrote the crimearoung him. Kept him under arrest for over eleven months. Losing his aprtment, his credit, and his little red corvette, and painters van. But after fight for mohtns, and the help of his father (RIP), was able to get his Corvette, Painter Van, but credi was ruined, and who is going to give a job to a person with an FBI Jacket. (The conclusion, 12 FBi agebts lied to their bosses. thinking noby would be looking. And the more Marcus Giavani, and his father pressed. The more the feds tighten the srews).

This book is Mark Nelson's fight to restore his father's name, (To wich was given to me through adotion. The FBI even told frineds, that I was not adbopted. Tose fcking asesholes! Keith tolhurst! And your bubba man Assistant Us attorney Chuck Hyder. YOU MADE ME LOSE MY DAUGHTERS< AND AMAN KLEED HIMSELF. by the hands of a women I wanrted you all about. It seems a like a typlicl mo for lazy law enforement, yes. even the FBI. No womnder, my book was 2st centruy.

I will never regain access, to y twin daughters, and to put certain FBI special agents on trial for their abuse of power. Well, now this is way pst stauets, and my cae whent to the 9th curictute corut of appeals. And Attorney Dan Maynard. The man who appered as a white noght. eben though I had a special attorney that was certifed crimial attporeny. And Dan Maynard was a corprate Law firm. And he saw the dollars ont he civil rights, and or liablities. And what was asimple case, he past off to an assoites. Who did not file rule 56. and thats why I lost my caee. eve thought the United Sates offerd me $10,000 to settle. And Dan said no. We got this. And what I got was nothing, but a dollar, on the front steps of the 9th circut cort of apeasl. and that was from a bet. You'll have to ask Dan Maynard that one. I had layers wnatying to sue his lw firm, but it broke up. And I was never going to do it. Not after he helped. event though it cost lives.

This book was written with pure heart, and soul. And determination, to leave a maker, for my twin daughters. Who are now young ladies. But I'm just a stranger to them. And all I have is my integrity. And nobody can that way for anyone. They can try. But you must fight back, the demons that haunt you. For at the end of life, we all pay by "POD". - Marcus Giavanni

The Book industry is full of jealous sluts. And the front doors to all book stores are owned by them. FCUNK YOU!

If you wish to buy the book direct form publisher. Singed and autographed, with a free copy of the book called

“Calm Before the Storm” coming soon in this new year of 2018. Your name will be held for a free advanced copy. It will be in paper back 1st editor. And Table size too.

The real story here. The people I though, were important. Are not. And they think the same as me. And to you men, you know, the ones that talk the talk, but leave snail trails, like a wet kitty. Where should I start, Victor Mitchell, Tom Tancredo, or should Cary Kennedy ($700,000,000-dollar lady), or how about Lt. Governor Donna Lynne, the other ($700,000,00-dollar lady). Ironic they both either had shorts falls, or deficits. And they want to continue to manage your money, assets, credibility. Laugh my ass off at this one for sure. And so is the silent majority reading all the things you can’t see.

The conversation is even puts me as Governor of Colorado Front Runner 2018 If you knew how to read code, or binary codes, or pattern matching. It all speed out right in front of the entire world. And in all on Google.

When investigator reporters, and owners of media, can’t tell the story of the plight of an American Citizen. And then some cowards, want to go on Amazon, and other book sellers. To smear the tragedy of what happened in 1992. And it even leads to the suicide of Robert Marque. Who has come to me in dreams, telling me, he is so sorry. And his father too. Robert Marque was the step-father. That pushed me out of my children’s life. After a court ballet, and the FBI scandal, that was swept under the table. And Senator John McCann, has his tail between his legs. And sent it to Attorney General Jante reno.

Now, let’s move 26 years into present time of 2018.  Now our President Donald J. Trump, is in the cross hairs, of the FBI Top Brass. Who seems to have been caught (Only because, Hilary Clinton did not get elected. And the rappers to never have been a plan B. So, now it’s up to Attorney General Jeff Sessions. And the Muller Investigation to figure out a way to cover all the lies.

One thing for sure. The old administration is on lock down. And the traitors will, and should be, treated as such; will go down in history as those who were going to take down the United States if America. God only knows, what would have happened if it flipped in the other directions, as the presidential election outcome.

One thing I know, how many smart devices, computers with micro phones, and all those fancy digital gadgets. That make life easier, when all we do is have to ask … do you think the spider and crawlers where indexing those conversations. – Marcus Giavanni

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