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GP7A News: Tucker Carlson, show trending, #1 show GP7A News: Tucker Carlson Tonight Show Tucker Carlson Tonight Show ratings is #1. But Tucker Carlson will be losing rankings on Google. Commentator Tucker Carlson, who many known, in my Google Clouds. I have predicted, the down fall of Mr. Bill, replaced by Tucker Carlson Tonight Show. The cry baby session was the Sep 11, 2017 show. Where guest Luther Lowe, V.P. of Yelp, were both crying like babies, on how Google is an alleged monopoly. Upate: "GP7A News: Says "Mark Cuban" was wrong on the elections, and he is wrong if he gets inot politics. Money can't buy your Vote Marcus Giavanni"." 

Fox News is a Monopoly, Tucker Carlson can’t have the people he wants on his shows. Because Carlson must ask FOX News. Luther Lowe is crying to Tucker Carlson, because Google, has rules, and like FOX News. Google, has the right, to run their business model, any way they want. If These crybabies don’t like it. Then they should go use Yahoo, Bing, there are many other browsers to choose from. Therefore, Google, cannot be the Monopoly, these babies are claiming Google to be. - Mark Cuban slams President Donald Trump

Thus, Google is not the only browser in the world for end users to use. I don’t use Yahoo, I don’t use Bing, because they do the same thing Google does, and FOX News does. They all have an essential point, a mission, and a board, and employees to care out the flow chart of command, order, and sales. Period!

The secret hate that Tucker Carlson has for Google is obvious, when you see his brow line, look like “Ice Cube”. I personally get some of my news from Tucker Carlson. I believe he’s not the smartest man in the room, but is well versed, and seen, heard, and dome many things over the course of his life.

Tucker, now has a bucket list of authority, that will be used, to rank him, his show, and his circle of life, on ALL BROWSERS. Not just Google. I have written to him many times explaining Google. To see what he does. I know he’s big a fan of Google. 

You can’t be a fan of anyone, anything, if it’s FOX content paid by Fox News. Like their commentary. And FOX Contributors. Who have a spin all their own? Like Eric Boiling, Allegedly, sending lewd texting. Eric did not get his day in court. But his son, felt the embarrassment, and ridicule from his class mates, especially, the liberals. I heard they mocked him badly, but you all know that already. Because now everyone is feeling sorry for Eric Boiling. And not taking into consideration f Eric Jr. This is typical Eric Boiling, Sr. 

Eric, Jr., died of a broken heart, his hero father, name sake. It may appear, based on allegation (still not proven). If you have seen Eric Boiling Sr on TV he’s a bloviated, commentary, that does not like anyone steeling his lime light. And he surrounds himself with women. To look like the stud (Eric, Sr thinks he is), he is not. How high of a collar do you have to go to hide the pock marks. I hear the makeup artist, can stand him, it’s not their fault, make up is on the high stiff collar. 

Furthermore, Eric Boiling is a married man. Whose wife should tell him to get bent. For it is the actions of Eric, Sr, to cause Eric, Jr, to over dose, and die. Colorado, is making a name for itself for Drug Overdose Capitol. For politicians, and now Conservative Commentary\. That Eric Boiling himself, has attacked others, for being just like Eric, Sr. 

Whose son, was caught in the crossfire of his father’s deception towards the family. Towards his mother, towards, Eric Jr, himself. It’s not easy being an only child, and children at all ages, are manipulators, and will do, and say what they want. To get even with some that moved on with their lives, and either leaving them behind, or these children feel 2nd class. When they were first class. In any relationship, they are in. There are problems with habitual offenders. And the innocent victims they leave behind. 

Though, this is not the case with Eric Boiling J, Jr., This poor young man, and what he has been going though since arriving in a Liberal school, filled with haters, who destroyed Eric, Jr. Called him names, ridicule, and more radical, that Eric kept from his father, Eric Sr.

This was before the “Fox & Boiling Scandal”, Eric Boiling, Sr., being the bloviated worthless commentator that he is. Actions, has killed his only son. How tragic is that father! You are an embarrassment, and I did the only honorable thing there was for me to do. Than to face, the destruction of my fake Pops. And what you did to my mother. You’re a Fucking Asshole, and the entire world knows it. Sorry Mom, I tried to tell you. Have no faith in this man Sr. Thanks, G! -Eric Boiling” -Marcus Giavanni: Medium: I cried hard for this young man! Eric, Sr. Your son wants to talk to you. Through me, and it won’t be pretty. Maybe I will tape it, and you all can see for yourself, what you did to this man’s faith, and love, driving him to his ultimate death.

Nevertheless, Thank GOV Hickenlooper, and Mayor Michael Hancock, Denver nor Colorado is Good! Keep telling those that, who are not paying attention, to your monopoly on Colorado. 

Wow, everything is a monopoly, and the innocent stand accused, whilst, the people they go to for help to share their stories. Get turned down, because. These same fools, in government, politicians, and the media they feed with millions of dollars, pushing the candidates, their ideologies. On the viewers who are slowing tuning these ships of fools out to Sea. Off the Black Hat Abyss; they will go. http://Blakhhatabyss.com a web site you’ll never want to be listed on. And nobody knows who is on that list, and only Google developers will be able to update that list. 

I Love Google, and YouTube too. And Folks, we have reached a time in our society, when the town clown, the Rodney Dangerfield of the pollical industry in Colorado, and especially. The city and county of Denver. There are some pretty pissed off people, and they sit silently, waiting for election day to come. 

When you look at all the circles, that came into play that lead to the death of Eric Boiling, Jr. those Circles, who ridiculed, poor Eric, who hated, poor Eric, you all took it out on Eric Jr” Just as Tucker Carlson, and Luther Lowe, are pushing their beliefs, and controls, and wishful commentary of Federal Intervention.  

What??? I thought, Tucker Carlson was for less government, less Government control. Yet, he wants Google to be regulated, because Fox has the wrong SEO and SMO integration Scientist working for FOX, and it shows in the search results for Google Organic. Google has two platforms, whether you like it, or not. They don’t put a gun to your head, or get lobbyist to pass laws in states demanding the cities use their Products and services. 

No, Google has public Google Developers, they offer to everyone, and it’s free. FREE FREE FREE.

Therefore, all the claims of monopoly, go right down the preverbal Black Hat Abyss, as irrelevant content on Google. Period! A message to Luther Lowe, if you hate Google so much. Go create your own Browser. But rest assure, there will be someone like you; crying about the same things Luther Lowe, is crying about now. That’s why, I no longer use YELP. Because you do, the exact same thing you are accusing Google of doing, your operating … like a TOOL!

Crybaby Tonight PUBLISHED Sep 12, 2017 2:13 Am by MARCUS GIAVANNI, GP7A with GP7A News, GOOGLE News in the United States. It’s Ratings time TUCKER CARLSON of the Tucker Carlson Tonight, show and follies.  Is #1 show, and it deserves to be. Tucker Carlson, deserves to be, where he is. Staying there, and staying relevant is everything, and the only thing on Google. 

I suggest, FOX concentrates on its assets, and broadcast means, and revenue shares. And let Google control its own platform. Just because Google don’t need to advertise on FOX networks. Just means you all need to find you niche, as I did, and fire all your SEO gurus, they suck. And if Google was so bad, why do they allow your negative, and hostile takeover of Google browser, and sick the Federal dogs of relief, so Google must submit to FOX Tucker, Yelp, and all other actors coming fourth with a fake battle cries, for their ways, and means. WTFNK! Ya’ Heard ME! -Marcus Giavanni 

(This morning was an interesting to say the least. A lot of emotions, poured out. I’m sorry Eric, Jr., if you only had a safe room to go to. Or maybe a father, who was living, what he preached. That’s what killed every child’s soul, some children, it causes them to kill themselves, the power of LOVE, and the Destruction of Deception.

I do have one more thing to say. “Really pops, you’re going to make my death, about you, YFSB! -JR”

Who, Yelp's Luther Lowe, Crybabies Tonight Show, @TaptheVote, 2019 Mayor When you do the rigth things. googd things happen. Believe it, or not! #TaptheVote - Marcus iavanni

Tucker Carlson Google Monopoly: Fox New's #1 Show Tucker Carlson Tonight 

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