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Mayoral News:Eveyone Who Loevs Denver Needs TO VOTE Giavanni

Everyone Who Loves Denver: Everyone "GP7A News: “Loves Denver 2019”, City of Denver http://MAYOR2019.COM mayoral elections in 2019 "Everyone who Loves Denver", finding, the Future Denver and knowing "Everyone who Loves Denver" can VOTE Nonpartisan, and leave Party affiliation to the states, and Federal Elections. For Denver was designed to operate as, nonpartisan since 1913. Denver voters who refuse to Vote any other way but nonpartisan, per the Denver city charter. These voters, are the leaders that will take back control of their City and County of Denver”.” You and must "Be Part of the City that You Love"." Everyone who Loves Denver Be Part of the city that you Love. "Denver needs Love right now. Everyone Loves Innovation, Loves Love, Loves Peace. It's about to get loud! the City of Denver. About "Everyone who Loves Denver" and wishes to Be Part of the "City that You Love". About restoring Denver Nonpartisan Governance 1913"." May everyone who loves Denver. Be part of the city and county you Love." Everyone who Loves Denver Be Part of the City that You Love. Working with Everyone who Loves Denver Be Part of the City that You Love -Marcus Giavanni in 2015 https://youtu.be/a6Wmgt0lfTQ.

 “Innovation, Love, and Peace: Finding The New Denver, and finding new jobs, looking for new promotions, Needing the best government jobs, within the city and county of DenvergGov and the new Mayor Marcus Giavanni, who will lead with an Iron Fist, for the people of Denver, and everything else, is 2nd.  

“2019 Mayor 2019: Looking, 2019 News, “Did you hear by Marcus Giavanni about "Mayor Michael Hancock Denver 2019" running for "Mayoral Elections in 2019". Knowing, http://mayor2019.com/hancock-mayor.html for "Mayor of Denver in 2019". Marcus Giavanni knows, "Kayvan" http://mayor2019.com/kayvan-mayor.html knowing "GP7A News: Did you hear about ...2019 Mayor 2019"." …And what about those Pot Clubs in the city and county of Denver. Since the “Colorado House Bill 184” passed. Thus, allowing “Pot Clubs, And Pot Clubbing, to happen, open, promote in all cities, in Colorado. To apply, for a “Pot Clubs License” in the state of Colorado, United States of America.