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Denver Post 2015 Mayor of Denver for 2019

Denver Post 2015: "GP7A News reports about the Post 2015 Mayor. "Candidate Marcus Giavanni is running for Mayor in 2019. against the coronated mayor, "Incumbent Mayor Michael Hancock for 2019 Mayoral Elections" in the City and County of Denver"." Mayoral Candidate Marcus Giavanni will take on Michael Hancock for Denver. Also, the dopeman, "Ganjapreneur Kayvan Khalatbari" is Running for Mayor in 2019. Knowing, Kayvan Mayor 2019. The Post Mayor, 2019. The Denver Post, #TaptheVote Denver 80202.

"The Denver Post: By JON MURRAY | | The Denver Post
PUBLISHED: January 31, 2017 at 3:22 pm | UPDATED: February 1, 2017 at 3:40 pm. About "Michael Hancock raises $77,000 to run for third Denver mayor term"."

The upcoming run for "Mayor of Denver will not be about Money, Popularity, or Media Bias towards, their stocking horse candidates. No, this Mayoral elecection to be held on Tuesday, May 7, 2019. will be all about the future of the City and county of Denver. And restoring Nonpartisan Governance, establsihed in 1913. By then Honorable Robert W. Speer. The Mayor that had a vision with "City Beautiful"."

This Image was taken by Candidate Marucs: Giavanni

"Eye of Wisdom

THis shot was tken after a terrible storm hi the City and county of Denver, Colorado 80242. The loction was on the Northwest side of I-25, and Colorado Blvd. Marcus Giavanni was 113 feet above ground, open air phote shoot. When candidate Marcus Giavanni took this snap. Told a friend "That looks like a Dragons Eye. Dragons are Wisdom. So, I will call this piece "Eye of Wisom." 

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GP7A News: 2015 Denver Post Mayor 2019

"Denver News: News about knowing Denver Post 2015, Mayoral Elections. Did you hear by Marcus Giavanni that Giavanni Vs Hancock for 2019 Mayoral Elections? In the City and County of Denver. Is the Day of Reckoning 2"." 2019 Candidate Marcus Giavanni? As well as the other 2, 2015 Mayoral Candidates or 2015 Mayoral Candidates where not able to "Debate Mayor Michael Hancock". This post-election revelation is the #1 conversation. Knowing Mayor Michael Hancock, Denver Mayor 2019 and his tricks, his deception, and his operatives. No wonder only 75,000 voters held a Coronation, instead of an election with qualified candidates as, per the city charter.

Did you hear by Marcus Giavanni: That "Kayvan Khalatbari for Mayor in 2019"? “The Denver Post” has reported that Mayor Michael Hancock Denver Mayor, 2019 has raised another $77,000. And yet, The Denver Post reports that "Hancock for Denver 2019"; still has not made up his mind. @MayorHancock this is exactly what Future Voters are talking about. What future Denver Voters? How about the 320,000 thousand who will never support you. And they want to know, why are you collecting money to fill your War Chest? If you have not 100% decided for a 3rd term. The Denver Post is #TaptheVote in Denver 80202-3580. Held at the Denver Post Auditorium for Tap the Vote event.

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