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In the coming years a transformation of who the City and County of Denver is, as per an operating governemnt. Most voters 320,000 voters in Denver. Who question the actions of "Denver Mayor Michael Hancock". And his constent engergy joing cause of more of the Natioanl GEO politcal, and social issues. When in fact, it's the complet oppisite. Candidate Marcus Giavanni has speon to 1,000 upon thoudasnd of Denver Voters since 2010.

Denver voters: Domocrats, Republicans, independents. They all told Marcus Giavanni of their displesures. And said they want a canddiate that would stand up to the Nonpartisan Law. Think about it. Only 75,000 died hard Democrats, who allow the confusion for Mayor hancock to only concentrate on local issues facine the city and county of Denver.