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Kayvan Khalatbri: Kayvan Mayor in 2019 About Kayvan Khalatbari files Mayor 2017 for the City and County of Denver, Co 80202

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GP7A News: Did you know "Kayvan Mayor 2019", wants to be Mayor? Kayvan Khalatbari running for Mayor in 2019. Did you know Marcus Giavanni, who is also running for Mayor in 2019? You won’t hear that in the papers…Thus, more of a reason Future Denver Voters Must Wake up after all the partying. (That's what every single person does in Denver...drive around all fcked up, laughing, running red lights, running over pedestrians. Where yard signs, have replaced common sense. And gang signs written on our streets of what’s to come. All covered up by the enablers, who want us all to think focus on the swastika on the player ground as the culprit for HATE!) 

This is Denver folks…and they are coming in from all over the world to PARTY. You all have a clue…codes...but you want to ignore the obvious. All the drinking, smoking weed, whilst, drinking some of the Finest micro beers in the world. And stopping off at the many Food spots that will satisfy the pickiest eaters. When it’s time to wake up in the morning…Who’s got your back as Mayor of Denver in 2019. The next Mayoral election will be Giavanni vs Hancock 2. It will be an epic event to be held on Tuesday, May 7, 2019 "Denver 2019 Elections. Demand Debates and Forums. League of Women Voters Denver, Denver Inc Inter neighborhood Cooperation, Denver Decides, Historic Denver. Denver TV8

"GP7A News: Did you hear "Kayvan Mayor" Kayvan Khalatbari is running for Mayor in 2019. The media has told everyone about Kayvan Mayor and his filings, of papers with the Denver elections Division"." Westword news: "Kayvan Mayor" was a candidate for "Denver City Council at Large" in 2015. I spoke to thousands of Voters about the Denver City council at Large race in 2015. The current At large councilwomen are Debra Ortega, and Robin Kniech, who by all accounts are the front runners for the At Large elections in 2019. Organically speaking of course.

  "Ganjapreneur Kayvan Khalatbari is running for mayor in 2019"


“Yes…Pizza, Weed, and Comedy for everyone...2019” I'm in on that for sure. -Marcus Giavanni.

Hey Kayvan...do you know where I can get a deal on a killa' dime gram???

Denver's Future Marcus Giavanni for Mayor 2019

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Mayoral News: The Next Mayor of Denver conversation started a Mayoral News: The Next Mayor of Denver conversation started back in 2011. When the establishment already decided who they supported for Denver's Next Mayor in 2011. Unbelievably. It was not the current Mayor Michael B. Hancock. The establishment picked Chris Romer over, Michael B. Hancock. But Denver Voter's picked the Underdog, and two term city council member Michael B. Hancock, as the "next mayor of Denver in 2011 elections"."  

In 2015 Denver Mayoral Elections" The 75,000 voters, who were able to supress democracy, in the city and county of Denver. Pulling off, what most Denver voters are calling the a "coranation of Mayor Michael B. Hancock. And the supposed Nonprofit/nonpartisan organaztions from League of Women Voters, Downtown Denver Partnerships, and even minority based nonprofits signing up for citizen ship. you see Democrat leaders thumtacked to the walls, in Path to citizenship. The Neritve and idiologe is pure Partisan, and is cercumventing the nonpartisan law of 1913. To keep hold of what again most voters, who did not support this regime. the call the monopolizers of the city and county of Denver, under Demorctic Rule@ -Marcus Giavanni

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2019 Kayvan Mayor, Kayvan Mayor Kayvan Khalatbari Denver 2019

GP7A News: 2019 News about "Kayvan Mayor" whi is finding "Kayvan Mayor 2019", needing "Kayvan Khalatbari" in Denver for Kayvan in 2019 did your hear that by Marcus Giavanni. "Kayvan Khalatbari is know as a "Ganjapreneur Kayvan Khalatbari"." 

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Kayvan News 2017

Kayvan News 2017: Ganjapreneur Kayvan Khalatbari Files to Run for Mayor 2019 remember to click on all imgaes, to see where it takes you. Deep inot our core belifs of representing only you. The citizens, and Future Denver voters. This electiuon is going to be epic. And I have not even flipped the switch.

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HonestlyFolks...Denver's Next Mayor will be a mster of many trades, lived in big cities, and have a buck list of accomlishments. The next Denver Mayor will prove his worthyness, and his true loe for the city and county of Denver, and MUST obey, the Citizens first. And not get involved with National Issues. Period!

When Mayor Michael Hancock, came out and supportted all Democrat Presidents. Our Mayor Michael Hancock broke the true City code of Denver's constitution. And it took a citizen like  Mark Andrew Nelson-Giavanni A.K.A. "Marcus Giavanni" to stand up to this monopoly." What's the world going to think, about the city and county of Denver, Colorado 80202-3580"."

The Responsible, living smarter, travingling smarter, millenials and baby boomers.  They are using their heads and wallets. And the news they see about the city and County of Denver. Is not the Rose coloraed glasses news our media, and their friends. Who keep shuving down our minds. their closed minded, hatefull, idologe, and  tax payer funned socail programes cretaed, to keep them, all in POWER! As a Voter, I'm not letting Kayvan Khaltbair lead us to the Slaughter house, because he can't see want's coming, though his creed, comedy, pizza, and a few blunts. Spark it up Kayvan Khalatbari"."

Recreational Pot Clubs | News| Colorado | Senate Bill 184

Published April 14, 2017 by Marcus Giavanni | Pot Club News | Colorado | Governor John Hickenlooper | Recreational Marijuana | Veto 184 | Bannin RMJ Denver

Mayor News: Candidate Marcus Giavanni supports "Senate bill 184" for this is the will of Colorado's people. But on the other hand, When Attorney General Jeff sessions comes out and says "I'm Dubious about Marijuana". tells me that something is going to be happing soon, and with the dubious on marijuana warning; everyone who collects, from the ill-gotten-gains from the Recreational side of selling Recreational Marijuana. Does this include the city and state governments who collected tax on it? Could our governor John Hickenlooper and Mayor Michael Hancock go to jail for allowing the sale of Recreational Marijuana. Whilst, ignoring, the open warning, by our Attorney General Jeff sessions. Do you not see the placement of Governor Christ Christy? Remember Governor Christ Christy stance on Marijuana. If, Governor Christ Christy was elected as our next president in 2016. This is a slippery slope the RMJ industry is on. 

You must ask yourselves RMJ industry. If LEGALAZATION does not come by way of Congress. And if you think, our United States Government, The DOJ, and the DEA don't have the money to fund operation "Dubious".

Advanced algorithms tell me. They are coming to take net profits of cash, property, inventory, investments. The have years to gather the paper trail on the RMJ industry. Maybe, Medical Marijuana is the best investment. They are not coming for those who only accept MMJ Cards. I hope I'm wrong, and I'm glad I'm not you all. I know firsthand, how sneaky, overzealous, bigot, law enforcement, working with tunnel versioned U.S. Attorneys. Let my book, be a warning to you all. I have no skin in this game. But to protect my fellow citizens from GREED, and the Dubious warning by A.G. Sessions. This is a true man of law, and he doesn’t have to make nothing up. Only when the FBI throws that investigation net. And you all, better hope, you’re not a fish caught in that quagmire net of deception. For if you’re a weak person. It will destroy you for sure! And no money, is worth that! -Marcus Giavanni


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GP7A News: Denver Trending News: YouTube, What, Westword, Who Marcus Giavanni, 2011, Files Complaint, against the City and County of Denver, Clerk and Recorder, Stephanie O'Malley, Webb & Schtul

Published 5.24.2017 8:29 by Marcus Giavanni | GP7A News | YouTube | Trending | Denver Mayoral Election 2011 | Candidate | Complaint Law Suit | Exclusion | Denver Mayoral Ballot | Clerk and Recorder | Stephanie O’Malley

GP7A News:  What??? Marcus Giavanni files complaint, over exclution from Denver Mayoral Ballot in 2011. The 2011 Candidate had enough signtures. Marcus Giavanni had to withdraw the law suit from the City and County of Denver, Denver Clerk and Recorder, Stephanie O'Malley. The daughter of Wellington Webb, and the Niece of Joseph Web, of Webb & Schtul law firm. More on the Westowrd Story, see, www.westword.com/news/marcus-giavanni-files-complaint-over-exclusion-from-denver-mayoral-ballot-read-it-here-5868540 Where, city and county of Denver. Marcus Giavanni Sues City and County of Denver Government in 2011. GP7A News and Trending News Westword ..."Marcus Giavanni" Sues... City and County of Denver Government. Who, Marcus Giavanni files complaint over exclusion from Denver mayoral elections 2011. By Michael Roberts"."

What's "Trending News City and County of Denver GOV Westword Marcus Giavanni". Denver news events, 2018Governor2018.com, trending, mayor2019.com".'

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Denver Mayoral News: Denver Voters Want A New Direction Innovation, Love, and Peace Building Future Voters One Voter at A Time

Published 6/8/2017 9:29 Pm by Marcus Giavanni | SMO Worldwide | GP7A | 2019 Mayoral Elections | Denver

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