Giavanni Vs Hancock

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Kayvan Khalatbari running for Mayor of Denver in 2019

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GP7A News: Marcus Giavanni Show Tom Downey Interview

Published 5.2.2017 by Marcus Giavanni Show | Tom Downey | Attorney | Ex Excise and License City and County of Denver | Recreational Marijuana | A.G. Sessions

GP7A News: There is a lot of confusiomn about Recreational Marijuana vs Medial Marijuana. The fact Marijuana is listed as a sheduled 1 controlled substan, more dangerois than Hheroin and LSD. Last time I checked no body died of a Marijuana overdose. And most people end up eating their way to sleep. Though there are some shatters and edables, that will make you think your tripping like LSD. -Marcus Giavanni

GP7A News: Kayvan Khalatbari | Initiative 300 | Senate Bill 184

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Denver Earth Day

GP7A News: Did you check out Earth Day 2017, at Skyline Park in Denver. Don't confuse it with March for Science.Bill Nye your a fruad! - Marcus Giavanni


GP7A News: About #VoteKayvan2019, #Denver, Kayvan Denver Mayor, these are the handles that Kayvan Khalatbari is using to gather his supports.

It's been told by Kayvan Khalatbari he has more business experience than Mayor Michael Hancock, and the entire Denver City Council combined.

GP7A News, will have to agree with Kayvan Khalatbari. when it comes to selling Marijuana, selling Pizza, and using his Marijuana money to build his financial portfolio. 

Denver voters see a lot of hypocrisy in this candidate.



2019 Mayor: Kayvan Khalatbari of Denver Candidate

Published 5.2.2017 by GP7A News | Denver Mayoral Candidate 2019

GP7A News: Knowing that Kayvan Khalatibari filed to run for the Office of Mayor for the City and County of Denver. It's awesome, people are running for office. But they must have their own ideas. -Marcus Giavanni

GP7A News: Why do some Voters think Kayvan Khalatbari Intentions are not in the Best Interest of Denver

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Denver News and Events

Published 5.2.2017 by GP7A News | Business | Entertainment | Politics | Technology | Restaurants

GP7A News: 80202-3580, did you hear by Marcus Giavanni. GP7A News is now hiring. We are not using any of the employment internet companies. We are allowing the GP7A News conversation for employment. With the New leader in Denver News, and Denver events. A nonpartisan view of the city and county around us. Gp7A News is looking for an editor. An editor with some balls! We are not revenue generated content. Rather nonpartisan news generated. Our market is everyone. You had better have a full bucket list of experiences. That can be verified.

No only is there a salary, but a stock otion, that will make you a partner. GP7A News has years to wait for the right entity, individual, or group. To not only comprehend the front end of GP7A News. But uyou better be able to understand the back end of Google products and servcies. Because even if you don't know Google like Marcus Giavanni knows Google. I will teach you, and share with you, the power of Google! -Marcus Giavanni, Founder

Political Strategist

GP7A News: When you running for office in Denver. Who do you call to help you run for office? when you are a nobody with ideas, or been victim of Denver's Government.

-Marcus Giavanni

GP7A News Magazine

GP7A News: Our GP7A News Magazine will be a nonpartisan view about Denver.

It will be available at various locations. from Memorial Day, to New Years. And special editions throughout the year. For Holidays, Politics, and Calibrations. In the city and county of Denver, Colorado 80202-3580. We will be a monthly publication. Our first issue hits Memorial Day 2018.

Most events are booked months in advance. Those late bookings are 2-3 weeks out. And why spend money for adverting, from January 2 – Memorial Day Monday, May 29. Every single day. You small businesses, not supported by corporate franchises. Be smart, stop using all the money you make from January 2 to May 29. And then add our Google AdWords to the mix. Ca you say Boom Baby! As loud as you can! -Marcus Giavanni

Denver Jobs

Are you looking for a job in the city and county of Denver. Maybe looking for a GOV job with Denver. Maybe you are looking for a technical, Internet, Medical jobs in Denver. More about Jobs Soon

-Marcus Giavanni

Why Kayvan Khalatbari

GP7A News: why talk about Kayvan Khalatbari, candidate for Mayor of Denver in 2019. Becuse that's what we do! more coming soon. 

Department of Regulatory Agencies DORA targets Activist Marcus Giavanni

GP7A News: Reports that a local Law firm. With Democrat ties. From June 1016 to December 5, 2016. Marcus Giavanni nightmare ended. And as usual, the habitual offender of filing false charges. Come in all forms, and filing for any reason they deem fit and necessary. I ended up hanging up on this investigator when she was trying to entrap me. How foolish!

Especially when I recorded the same conversation.
As for the law firm, I will hold out for now. But your emails will confirm your dastardly deed towards me.

My business, and my children. I am a full time single father of 3 (Mom bailed, go ask Denver Magistrate Karen Hubler, and Monica Jackson), anyway I had to stop my radio show. And lost sponsors.

Because for 6 months I was being investigated. Shame on you!





GP7A News: When you look at the big picture Kayvan Khalatibar 

Published 5.20.2017 2:30 Am by Marcus Giavanni | GP7A News | Gubernatorial Election 2018 | Colorado Mayoral Elections 2019 | City and County of Denver | 2019 Panasonic | 2019 Denver International Hub | International Technology | Innovation, Love, and Peace | Want Some | Need Some | Now

GP7A News: Why is the "2018 Gubernatorial Elections United States" in 36 states, across the United States.Why is this historic event. An important election in the history of "United States Gubernatorial Elections"." 

Question: "When is the Gubernatorial Official Elections date. The Answer: The Gubernatorial Election held in the United States of America will be Tuesday, November 6, 2018. There is a Governors race in 36 states. Thus, the reason, where, in the state of Colorado's gubernatorial race. Is so important for not only the beautiful state of Colorado to be the beacon of light for the entire world to see, and be inspired"." But Colorado's capital, the city and county of Denver 80202-3580. Future Denver Voters, about 320,000 who did not participate in the "2015 Denver Elections". Most voters were upset, there was no "2015 Denver Mayoral Debate". Some critics go as far as to say. The Denver Mayoral Election in 2015. was more of a coronation, than democracy, as planned by Honorable Robert W. Speer, nonpartisan government 1913 Voters, this time around, will hear the same old, song, and dance. And promise made elections, after elections. No, this election for "Who will be the next Mayor of Denver". "Frontrunner, Underdog Candidate Marcus Giavanni 2019". Is finally going to battle, 3rd term incumbent, Mayor of Denver Michael B. Hancock 2019"." Did you know, Denver is a nonpartisan ruled government. Some gaged, and stuffed in the closet, true Denver Historians. Say ... Denver government is a monopoly of the democratic party, since 1963. So, what we are saying. A Democrat has been Mayor for 54 years, as of the year 2017. It's also alleged, the League of Women Voters Denver. Is a mouth piece for the Democratic party. there are others, on the list, as well, shhhh! One organization to watch out for ... Downtown Denver Partnership, Tami Door. These folks are so far up the democratic pay loads. it's sickening. Now, voters are starting to see, the Downtown Denver Partnership lack of wisdom, and Mayor Michael Hancock's lack of wisdom. One of Denver's most important Bread and butte streets. The 16th Street mail, and our public libraries are becoming the sanctuary areas for Homeless, that love to be homeless. They own nobody a g*d Damn Thing. And when you have Kayvan Khalatbari using these people, as true homeless, is shameful. And one day, Kayvan Khalatbari will see, why his failed, call to help the homeless, rope, a, dope, DOPE!

To the 2019 Candidate for Mayor of Denver Kayvan Khalatbari. I'm one man that will spin your experiences, into the Black Hole Abius. I’m one man, that will flip your script, for all to see. I’m gonna show you what an extra 20+ years of wisdom, and travel, within our 5 biggest city streets. Has made me, the man I am today. For Kayvan Khalatbari boosts, to be the most experienced businessman. Then, the entire city council, and current Mayor Michael Hancock, combined. Thus, the reason, Kayvan Khalatbari Mayor of Denver 2019"." The man with all the brakes. All the money, all the opportunities to speak at the 2015 Forums Debates. With Kayvan Khalatbari, only to showing up, to those Forums and Debates that will benefit, Kayvan Khalatbari businesses. Think about it… I have spoken to 1,000’s voters, and this is the current conversation trend on Denver streets.

Did you know Kayvan Khalatbari was a candidate for Denver City Council At-Large. Where, Kayvan Khalatbari, placed 5th. And let me tell you based on my personal experience with this stooge …Shhhh!

Kayvan Khalatbari it takes life experiences, to gather true wisdom. When I want to know how to make a pizza, and buy some weed, or grow it. I will call you first for sure. As for your comedy, I’ll comedy battle you and your other 2 stooges. And we can give all the money to charity. Or do you just want to help kids, by telling them, you’re the Ganjapreneur man.  Well, I’m the Rodney Dangerfield of politics, and I’m a very funny man. Until you piss me OFF.

I will roar like a lion, for that hurts, less than my bite! INNOVATION, LOVE, and PEACE.

...want some!-Marcus Giavanni


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Kayvan Khalatbari: Khalatbari 2019 Denver Mayor Was 5th Place Candidate 2015

Published 6.20.2017 6:20 Am by Marcus Giavanni | Colorado | City and County of Denver | 2015 | At Large | Candidate | Kayvan Khalatbari | Campaign | Like | Clonning Buds | Clonning Candidates Information | Grow Your Own | Ideas

GP7A News: Reports about who. "Kayvan Khalatbari". Every time candidate Kayvan Khalatbari clones a phrase, and an idea, a conversation, an image, a video. Google notifies Marcus Giavanni. Click here for News about candidate "Kayvan Khalatbari" running for "Denver's Mayor for 2019 Denver Mayoral Elections. When are the elections? answer: The Denver General elections are May 7, 2019. Some in the establishment, are talking about not holding another Denver Mayoral Debate, or Denver Mayoral forum. Did you hear @TaptheVote, Get Out the Vote Colorado by Candidate Marcus Giavanni”.”? 


It's already getting toasty out there in Denver" I won't tell you what news caster said this. But this moring 6:oo Am A: it was 61 digress. She is it was toasty. When I watch the news, I feel like I'm living ground hog day!


The Denver Post: Author Kayvan Khaltbari"Marujuana Experiment"

Publisehd 4.19.2017 by Marcus Giavanni | GP7A | Colorado | Denver 80202 | Mayoral News | Hell Bent for RMJ

GP7A News: "The Denver Post Kayvan Khalatbari Author. Kayvan Khalatbari Author of Colorado’s Marijuana Experiment Published 4.14.2017 by Kayvan Khalatbari | The Denver Post | Marijuana Industry | Colorado | City and County of Denver'." Kayvan Khalatbari is hell bent on Marijuana. The Denver Post published Kayvan Khalatbari on 4.14.2017. It's hard to believe that Kayvan Khalatbari, just can't accept the facts of the legalities, of Federal Marijuana Laws. Denver Mayor Candidate Kayvan Khalatbari just wants to circumvent the law, so it tilts always, in Kayvan Khalatbari's favor. And not the benefit, for the City and County of Denver, Colorado 80202-3580"." As Some Voters have said. -Marcus Giavanni (RMJ Supporter/User).

Kayvan Khalatbar: Marijuana Experiment The Denver Post

Published April 16, 2017 By Marcus Giavanni | YouTube | International | U.S. | Colorado | Marijuana Laws | Kayvan Khalatbari | RMJ Requiremnts | Recreation Piot Clubs

YouTube: "Denver Post Author: Kayvan Khalatbari, Authored "Colorado’s Marijuana Experiment". Candidate Marcus Governor Hickenlooper will not VETO 184.Giavanni, is a Partner of YouTube. To get to the bottom of the Marijuana Laws, In the United States. specifically, in the state of Colorado. In the capital city and county of Denver, 80202. Most Denver voters say, does the "2019 Mayor of Denver Candidate" Kayvan Khalatbari, the backer of inactive 300, allowing 184 Pot Clubs, and to consume, his marijuana, while people drink beer. I love the idea.

Asking most Voters in Denver; think "Kayvan Khalatbari" has created many conflicts. They just have not been pointed out. Some say. Regardless, everyone in Colorado, including Mayor of Denver 2019 Candidate Kayvan Khalatbari. Who really believes, that Governor Hickenlooper will not VETO 184. 184. Ganjapreneur Kayvan Khalatbari, also believes like many others in the Recreational Marijuana Industry. that The Attorney General Jeff Sessions, has no authority to overrule the Colorado State Laws. The real question to candidate Kayvan Khalatbari. what are you going to do, when the DEA, FBI, Secret Service, Internal Revenue Service, Denver police Department, Denver sheriff’s Department. Come guns drawn, and like a thief in the night. -Marcus Giavanni (5.2.2017 Updated with corrections, I love Google. Sometimes you must throw yourself under the spelling and Grammar spelling gods high horses. To see true spot analysis, of content corrections, and the updated change. Improves your Google Organic rankings. 100% correct. The time it took for those to mention the content errors. 30 days. I love Google).

-Marcus Giavanni

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YouTube: Trending News: About what, 2018 Governors by Candidate Marcus Giavanni 

Published Jun2 20, 2017 9:49 Am 

GP7A News http://2018Governor2018.Com, by Marcus Giavanni, Published 5.22.2017. Where, 36 States, for their states "Gubernatorial Elections 2018"." Question: When is the Governor's election? Answer: The 2018 Gubernatorial Elections to fill in ballots is Tuesday, November 6, 2018, Date 11 6 18"." Trending question: "Who is the Frontrunner candidates for the United States Gubernatorial Elections in the 36 state races.

Look click on link. And see for yourself, they are removing, verified content on Wikipedia. That does not fit the national liberal agenda. And we are not talking All Democrats.
Denver Mayoral elections 2011